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      The concept of Vandyck brand is originated from the artistic accomplishment of Anthony Van Dyck, a famous European painting master. As one of the great Flemish painters in the 17th century, Van Dyck was not only an outstanding representative of Flemish painters in Belgium but also a reputed principal painter in the court of England, who was deeply appreciated by King Charles I. The works of Van Dyck mainly focused on aristocratic portraits. Gentle strokes, strong colors and delicate details have reflected ubiquitous relaxing, noble and elegant temperament of the noble life of the royal family in 17th century. Van Dyck led the portrait painting style of England for over 150 years, and his influence on the noble elegant temperament never fades away. It is Vandyck that brings this kind of relaxing, noble and elegant life style to China. Vandyck respects and promotes an honorable, leisurely and elegant life and describes Vandyck Life through the form of wooden flooring, an important element in the home life so as to pursue the highest state of “There is no boundary for a state, and a great heart can lead to a quiet life.”