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      Vandyck Flooring sets foot in China and expands its horizon to the entire world. Vandyck will bring brand-new home living concepts and provide new choices for the home lifestyle taste, becoming the respectable and the most individualized internationally first-class flooring brand.


      Vandyck Flooring, with artistic attitude and diamond quality, adopts unique Vandyck wooden crafts techniques and exclusive Vandyck diamond paint, absorbs essences of eastern traditional wooden techniques and artistic verve of western oil painting and produces each piece of flooring with artistic attitude, making the flooring no longer simply the prop of living but the artistic collection worth your careful care.


      Vandyck Flooring integrates concepts of grace, noblity, pursuit and fashion into every piece of flooring, which makes you feel the artistic quality manifested by it after pavement, allowing you to enjoy edification of the art at home and igniting your life.


      Vandyck Flooring is not only the flooring but the aristocrat-like way of living, value-oriented life pursuit, artistic life attitude and fashion-oriented life experience, which is the brand new Vandyck life with special meaning.


      Vandyck Flooring, the active advocator and practitioner of “My Vandyck Life”!


      Vandyck Flooring, the real fashionable flooring at master’s level!